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  1. Donna
    Donna November 14, 2010 at 11:17 pm |

    Crap. I wish I had something clever to say but crap is all I can come up with. My experience with Betta fish is very similar, my Mom cooked Nick’s 1st one while helping him clean the tank once, even more traumatic was when he caught her jabbing at the underside of the underwater turtle decoration he had become lodged under post sauna. We several bits and pieces to flush after that. It was awful, the tears were huge and just like G’s they were very real. Should you decide to spring for a Mac IV, I’d like to gently suggest you get a tank with a filter and go to the aquarium/exotic animal place on 1A, near that little farmer’s market-ish stand. They sell food pellets that won’t dirty up the water as quickly (we once went 6 months w/o cleaning the tank-you might say gross but I swear to you, it was clean…ish and it didn’t smell!). That place also sells these little black worms that betta’s love to gobble up, G will get a kick out of that – Nick did. Those guys at that shop really know their stuff. Hope that helps and I hope G is feeling better tomorrow.

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