Already exhausted

By Friday, we were pooped. We packed so much into three days, we had done so much walking, and we had spent so much time on buses and Tube lines that we were exhausted. The two of us slept in on Friday morning. Our plans to go museums early were scrapped. I could spend all […]

Thursday upon Avon

Another all-day tour today. This one also interested me. It took us into the countryside to see a medieval castle, last occupied by a real British lord in 1978, Shakespeare’s Birthplace and Oxford, where scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot. Today’s tour guide, Jason, was dressed in a nice suit and car coat, […]

London Underground

The subway here is known by two names. It is officially the Underground, and colloquially as the Tube. I believe it is truly an American trait to make the word Tube a verb, as I have used it here, “We Tubed home.” I haven’t heard any Brits speaking that way. The Tube is laid out […]

Tim’s dream day II

I posted this day in two parts because the post was getting too long, and it was two amazing experiences that need to be dealt with separately. After lunch, we made our way over to Picadilly Circus in Susan’s quest to find the Hard Rock Cafe. We saw it on our Tuesday tour, but neither […]

Tim’s dream day

Wednesday was not an early wake-up day, but we did rise at early enough to catch breakfast at a little diner a couple of blocks from our hotel. We found it during a vain search for Harrod’s. I had dropped egg on “brown” toast (wheat) and coffee. Susan had a bagel with butter. We sat […]

Discovering London

Tuesday was set aside for an all-day discovering London tour. We were collected at our hotel and brought to the Victoria Coach Station, which is a bus station, and it is several blocks away from the Victoria rail station (which we found out later during a different journey). At the coach station, we were greeted […]

Monday, Monday

Today was a lazy day. After crashing for a couple of hours in the hotel, we went about the neighborhood. Although I want to be immersed in the culture as much as possible, we stopped in to Starbucks for a coffee and a couple of ginger snaps. That was lunch. Neither of us was relay […]

All ‘board!

We got Logan Airport in record time, thanks to the wonderful addition of the HOV lane directly to the Ted Williams Tunnel. After a quick goodbye to Florrie and Bob, we whisked into the terminal, breezed through check-in and headed to the security line. That was like navigating a line at Disney, where the line […]

Ready for launch

It’s 15 minutes before our ride is to arrive. Susan is on the couch counting the minutes. Simon won’t eat, despite putting shredded cheese on his dog food. I still have to put on a belt and sneakers. The flight leaves at 8:30 p.m. and lands at 8 a.m. GMT.