Was I Just Visited By A Spirit?

My wife and son went out around lunchtime today to run some errands leaving me at home with our daughter and the two dogs. About halfway through lunch A started in on something cute that got creepy real quick. We were in the kitchen and I was standing at the sink while she was working […]

Surgery did the trick

G is doing much better since his surgery. Not only recovering, but eating as well. It’s interesting to see now what he was supposed to be like. He is always much happier now than he was before. He doesn’t appear to be as uncomfortable, and he is showing off more of his cute qualities (though […]

Out of the woods

Blogging live across the wireless network at Children’s on a laptop borrowed from my father-in-law, Bob. Life is a bit better for G now that he is about 17 hours of surgery. He appears to be feeling better, and his eating situation is much better. He is holding down food, which the pyloric stenosis was […]

A wee bit of surgery

Well, G’s reflux turns out to not be reflux, but a very common physiological problem called pyloric stenosis. It is very common in babies. It is very common at Children’s Hospital, where G will have his surgery later today. In fact, it is very common in first-born boys, strangely enough. The doctors expect him to […]

One Month (by Sue)

Well we have survived the first month and life as many told us will never be the same. My little munchkin has been diagnosed with acid reflux and is taking zantac. Of course the reflux burns his throat and now he is taking Mylanta– yes, my little tyke is high maintenance, but he is so […]

The first Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was great for me, but I’m not the mother. We relaxed and just had a quiet day. I stayed up late with G so Susan could sleep most of Saturday night/Sunday morning. Later in the day, we took G to visit both of his grandmothers. My mom was handing out meds to the […]

A couple more photos

Here’s two more that I thought I would share. These are worth a thousand words apiece!

State investigates Walgreens

The state Department of Public Health is now investigating the expired formula Susan and I purchased from Walgreen’s last week because G got sick from it. We’re excited about DPH’s response because we have received lackluster responses from both Walgreen’s and MeadJohnson, the makers of Enfamil. In fact, Walgreen’s has yet to respond to an […]

Life has changed…. (by Sue)

Well life has certainly changed since the last time I posted to the blog. Since then, I have had the baby and life as I know it will always be different. My previous worries and priorities don’t seem so worrisome or important anymore. These days I worry about whether my son has had enough wet […]