What to read

The day we got confirmation of my wife’s pregnancy, I did what I always do when getting ready to explore something new: I sought out research materials. Sometimes I use the bookstore; other times I stop by the library. This time seemed like one worth buying rather than borrowing, so I went to a place […]

Breaking the news

My wife and both have very loving and involved parents. That’s a great benefit for us when we need advice or help with projects, and it will come in very handy when the baby arrives. But we were facing our first dilemma once we found out we were pregnant: How to tell both sets of […]

Finding out

No sooner than I was off the phone with my grandmother on Sunday, Aug. 14, did my wife come into our upstairs room and tell me she thought she was pregnant. Wow. She had done a home test while I was on the phone and I didn’t even know it. I looked at the nifty […]

Where Big Sky meets big mountains

I’ll let these pics from Glacier National Park speak for themselves.

The ridge

This ridge is the one we rode along during part of our journey. I couldn’t see how far down it was from on top of Sonnygirl, but I knew it was steep. This is a closeup of the ridgeline. We stopped by the dead tree near in the right half of the photo. I didn’t […]

The Montana Way

So far this year, I’ve visited world class cities like Miami, London and New York. So to go to the city of Conrad, Montana, and consider that a city is crazy. But all 2,600 of the folks in Conrad are proud to live there. It’s a pretty little area. The grid street system is named […]

Tim’s Solo Trip to Montana

For those of you who know Tim well, are aware of the fact that he has had an itch to visit Montana for quite a while. Well, he finally he did it! I dropped him off at Logan last night, and he is gone for the next 5 days. Whether he admits to it or […]

A room with a view

This was the view from our room. That is a roof right out the window. The shiny thing in the middle of sash was the broken lock. Anyone could have broken in to the room.

Saturday is the last full day

We woke up exhausted again today. It was another day that we slept in. On Friday we breakfasted at the creperie near our hotel that I wanted to try. It was run by real French people, so it had to be decent, right? Nope. The crepes were overcooked in my opinion, but I am no […]

Hogwart’s Express

We journeyed over to King’s Cross national rail station on the north side of London Friday to see Platform 9 3/4 from the famous Harry Potter books. It’s clear that there was a great deal of movie magic involved in creating the scene from the first movie. Platforms 9a and 9b don’t have brick walls […]