Saturday is the last full day

We woke up exhausted again today. It was another day that we slept in. On Friday we breakfasted at the creperie near our hotel that I wanted to try. It was run by real French people, so it had to be decent, right? Nope. The crepes were overcooked in my opinion, but I am no expert. Susan was willing to try it, but she didn’t like it. I was afraid she’d be turned off on crepes altogether, which wouldn’t bode well for our plans to visit France (the land of my ancestors) someday. Today, instead, we waited until lunch to eat.

This particular Saturday featured three Tube lines taken out of commission for work, the Picadilly line, which was our main mode of travel anyway, was overly crowded. It was our last day to really get in the last of the sight and to finish the tourist business. It was also St. George’s Day, a national holiday honoring, you guessed it, St. George.

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