Tim’s Solo Trip to Montana

For those of you who know Tim well, are aware of the fact that he has had an itch to visit Montana for quite a while. Well, he finally he did it! I dropped him off at Logan last night, and he is gone for the next 5 days. Whether he admits to it or not, last night was quite the adventure. It came to my attention Friday evening that this would be the first time that Tim would be flying alone (like I can do anything about that!). In past travels he has always traveled with friends or family. Although he won’t admit it, he was nervous. I guess this was most evident when after pulling the jeep up to the curb he asks, “who will hold my boarding pass?” For those of you who know me, should know that when Tim and I travel together I hold everything. I love him to death, but I cannot risk getting to the airport and have him remember the tickets on the counter. On numerous ocassions he has laughed and made fun of me. Anyway, I think he was honestly baffled by the fact that he was in fact flying solo. After making sure that he had his license, boarding passes, luggage, snacks, and phone, I kissed my honey good bye and put the pedal to the floor (there was a sale at Eddie Bauer). No seriously, I went right home! I even watered the flowers and lawn, put out the trash, and went as far as cleaning the house!

Unfortunately like many of Tim’s previous flying adventures, his flight didn’t leave on time. Yes, mister punctual sat at the airport anxiously looking out a window and pondered where the plane was he was suppose to board (can you visualize this? I can). Departing 58 minutes later, Tim was conquering the first part of his journey. Upon arrival in Minnesota, he sprinted towards an entirely new terminal to board yet another tardy flight to Montana. Needless to say, I do not feel sorry for him as he had an empty seat next to him on both flights! Why doesn’t that happen when we fly together?? Anyway, he arrived safely. I haven’t heard from him yet, except for an email that I sent him about his car. Yea, he tells me to take his car for the week and after spending money on gas, I get a flat. Is this fair? All is fine, but the tire is waiting for him when he gets home (great welcome home present, eh??)

Stay tuned for his update.


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