Oh My……. (by Sue)

Well Tim has had his chance to write on the blog, so it is now my turn. Don’t be fooled by his postings, he is loving this just like the rest of us. The other day we were in Old Navy, and after whining for a nanosecond he too was all smiles. Yes, we are having fun. We both admit that we are clueless (some more than others, but I am getting better), but clueless together. I honestly had no idea how fun cluelessness was, I should have tried this years ago!

Anyway, things are going well. I am sick and exhausted. People have told me that I won’t know tired until I am up at some odd hour listening to a screaming infant and having no clue what is wrong. While that may be true, I think it will be easier having something tangible to deal with. Of course I could be completely wrong too. Thankfully I have a great support network of friends and family who not only wait on me, but let me whine about how crummy I feel. I owe these people a lot because just knowing someone will listen makes it bearable. Things are getting better and I am told that like all things, this to will pass. Great advice, but when will it happen?

Oh well, I know whatever I go through will be completely worth it. Kids, they say, change your life. Of course I work with them all day and they certainly have changed me, I am curious how I will change at home. I guess there won’t be so many vacations, or dining out, but no matter what anyone says, I am still eager to see what it is all about. Being able to have my own little “it” I think will be fun. Someone to read to, take to the bookstore, shopping, and of course to go to the beach with. Yes, our lives will change, but I think it will only be for the better. As Will Smith quotes in one of his songs, it will be hard to believe that soon enough there will be a baby who will have just a “little me” in them.

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