Feeling Better & Cannot Believe It! (by Sue)

Well I went for my first office visit yesterday and much to my dismay, it really wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I really need to stop reading all the literature out there! I had myself convinced that there were going to be so many viles of blood filled that my arm would be all tapped out. Anyways, all went well. The NP heard the heart beat and it was amazing. Well that is what I am told anyway–I couldn’t hear it. I’ve gotten over the fact and am simply hoping that now that they know where the baby is hanging out, that next time I will be able to hear it too. The best part of the whole visit was when I was given a prescription for some anti-nausea medication. Although reluctant to fill it, I did so. I landed up taking one last evening, and man…. I feel great. Well tired, but I can eat! Better yet, I am not so cranky and lashing out at everyone who crosses my path!

Today I told a few close friends that I work with. Besides being estactic too, it seems that they have been busy sharing my news with others. Not that I mind in the least (what am I suppose to do, just walk up to people and tell them?), due to the fact that I am not someone who likes to draw attention to myself anyways. What I do find comical is the fact that many people now know, but aren’t saying anything. It is funny, but just by their mannerisms I know that they know. The best part is that they don’t know that I know that they know. Whew that is a mouthful. So for a while I am just going to observe and see what happens. It should definitely make going to work enjoyable!

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