Closer, but still a long way to go

Being the expecting dad, it is funny to see how my understanding of pregnancy has changed. I’m happy to say I had more of a clue about what changes were happening than most guys, but until now, I didn’t realize how slow the process really is.

Anytime my friends or family told they were pregnant, it was always weeks after they first knew. So they had already gone through the various activities my wife and I are doing now. But I had no concept of this. And I had no concept of the details that lay ahead of them, either. I would swoop in for a visit or phone call, ask how the pregnancy was going and then be on my way. Of course it was more than just that, but as far as the pregnancy was concerned, my role was very, very limited. Then, one day, we’d get a call that the baby was born. Yay! And I would go over and see the new baby, and hold him or her, and then go away.

But being the expecting father is different. The changes in my wife are more subtle, and less noticeable, which makes the pregnancy seem much longer. Of course, that’s not the same for my wife, who is feeling it every day. But for me, I have a counter on this blog and I have an idea of what to expect in a few weeks. That’s it. Except there is one way I figured out to break it down into smaller segments. The doctor’s appointments. My wife went for her first one this week and has another in three weeks. The sonogram appointment will happen some time in November. After the new year, the appointments will pick up in pace, and my wife will be showing and I will be able to see her belly grow. That will be very cool, second only to feeling the baby move. That will be the coolest. I can’t wait.

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