Still here… (by Sue)

I am glad to see that the car story made it here. Just maybe Mr. Tim’s Wild Ride will be slower next time! The sad thing is that he actually thinks I am kidding, well until he saw me green the other night. Well I am still here sick and all. I have a new respect for these women who have many children, how and where do they find the energy? Something as small as a grape is giving me all this trouble, I cannot wait to find out what I am in for when it becomes the size of a watermelon or better yet, shows up and is actually here. Just finished reading an article that stated that most women feel good by their second trimester… is that a guarantee? Better yet, who do I need to be calling if that doesn’t come to fruition? Yes, I am as fiesty as ever. Constantly tired and cranky. The proud dad to be is clueless and these days is running from me as he has no idea what is happening. I think I am scaring him. He has been great as he helps around the house dusting, vaccuming, and waiting on me hand and foot, but…. I just don’t know. I think he just looks at me and wonders….. why is she always so tired and going to bed so early. It is truly sad. The other night I was tucked between the sheets by 8:30 and slept to 5:30. Seems like a good night sleep, but surprisingly I am still tired. Tonight at dinner I asked my mom whether I will ever catch up on my zzzzz’s. Surprisingly she said no. What??? Am I going to be feeling like this for the next seven months……

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