Everyone else’s story

As we are spreading the word, my wife and I hear everyone else’s story. They’re all offered in support, or with an understanding of shared dread. As the nausea and vomiting are keeping my wife in a miserable state (relieved in part thanks to medication), nearly every former pregnant lady we run in to has advice or sympathy and it all comes in the form of their own experience. Some were sick for weeks on end. Some say it will pass for my wife as it did for them.

Meanwhile, as my wife continues to be sick and tired, she’s concerned for me. She thinks it’s cramping my style. She’s tired, cranky and sick. It limits our life in some ways. But it has begun to change it in such a way that I bet needs to change to accommodate the baby once s/he arrives. We’ve always enjoyed spending time together at home, but we would usually be up early on weekends and out into the evening on week nights. Lately, we’ve slept in as late as possible on weekends, like we were teenagers, and we have been home right after work, not to go out again until work the next day. That’s not every day, but it’s most, and that’s fine by me.

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