The big New York spree

All in all, this was a fun weekend. Despite being from Boston, which normally requires me to hate all things New York, I really like going to “the city” and walking around midtown. I like the logic of the city planning, and I like the fact that I know my way around such a big and crowded place.

This trip, unlike the ones in the past, was pretty much all about baby. Although we did take a break on day two to catch some sights, day one was filled with talk of toys and baby accessories. I have to admit that it was fun to see my wife and her parents running through Toys R Us in Times Square likes kids on a Christmas shopping spree buying up, or “adopting” oodles of stuffed animals. I even made off with an uncharacteristically soft stuffed armadillo. We also are now proud owners of a stuffed hippo the size of our dog, and he’s a boxer.

We ventured several blocks away from Times Square, in drenching rain, to the World of Disney and FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue. But the pickings were slimmer there for the unborn Lavallee, whom we are now all referring to as “the occupant” (more on that later).

In all it was a great weekend. We had a lot of fun, despite the drenching rain. And there’s another trip planned in December for just the girls, Susan, her mom and her sister. My guess is that is the weekend I will be putting together the crib.

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