Tomorrow is G-day; the day we find out the gender of our baby. It is really exciting. After tomorrow’s visit, we will really have to start picking out names. The boy name is easy. We’ve got that picked out. We’re hovering over a few girl names, none of which really excites me. A few that came to mind today really sounded good, but Susan vetoed them. I’m praying for a boy.

In other news, Susan’s appetite is back, for the time being. That’s a good sign, as I am told, because it means she’s settling into her second trimester. This is the time that is called the in some books as the calm between two storms. I hope that’s true. I have felt so bad for her having to go through all of the constant vomiting and nausea, and there was nothing I could do except tell her to put the toilet seat up. Also, to the trained eye, she is starting to show a bit. She says she can feel the occupant moving around, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. A couple of times, the baby has also been active while I’m on the phone with her. That’s kind of neat.

Update tomorrow after the ultrasound! Those who don’t want to know should skip the blog for a few days. I have it set up that only three posts show at a time, so it might take awhile to get three up there to push it off the main page. I promise not to put the gender in the title, too.

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