Boy or girl? (WARNING: Spoilers)

Today was the ultrasound. It was my first time going to any of Susan’s appointments as all of them up to this point haven’t been too critical. But how could I miss this one? We got there early, and were called early. Both of us were nervous. We were going into it blind, but knowing that one was going to be ecstatic and the other disappointed when we found out the gender.

Two people did separate ultrasounds, and the first said she couldn’t see because our baby was being modest. The second person was much more personable and talkative. We saw the head and body. The baby’s hands were at the face and its legs were crossed. With a little fancy maneuvering of the ultrasound wand, the tech was able to jiggle the legs apart and we got to see what our baby is.

The picture is at right. I turned the photo on its side when I scanned it so that it looks more like a profile than a baby in repose. There is clearly a head (thank God!) and the baby’s chest and left arm (there’s a right one, too).

Susan said she thought she could see hair when looking at the printout afterwards. Hair or not, the baby is healthy and developing normally. We also recently received the results of various blood tests that came back with positive results.

So that’s our baby. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh wait. You all want to know. I almost forgot. His name is G.

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