Just Checking In

Well it is almost the end of January and now I am counting the months left until our little bundle of joy arrives. Fetal movement is an everyday occurence, and the waiting time is just torturing me. We start our parenting classes in March and that in itself should be good for a few laughs. At this point the nursery is complete and we are now in the end stages of our preparation. During my vacation I need to have my infant seat installed and then set up the rest of the house…well Tim does. We bought a changing table for downstairs that needs assembling and then of course some furniture will need to be shifted in order to accommodate the pack n’play. Other than that, all is going well. I am still feeling great although I am exhausted. At this point I have just accepted the fact that I am not going to be getting enough sleep to ‘catch up’ for at least a few years. Heading to the doctors soon for more blood work to ensure that the tyke is okay. At this point I have been told that this is the time to sit back, eat and enjoy the remainder of the ride. Easier said than done. At this point I am eager to have everything completed. Tim laughs, but I won’t rest until it is done.

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