Time is Flying By… (by Sue)

Well 77 days to go and counting. Hard to believe that G’s arrival is that close. I actually remember when I had over 200 days to go… woohoo, it is almost over! Now don’t think that I am being selfish, but I am ready to return to a time when I don’t have cravings, can actually sleep through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom, and yes, fit into my own clothes. Regardless, it is hard to believe that life will be changing more so than it already has.

Still feeling well. Heartburn tough at night, but nothing a few Tums doesn’t take care of. G is moving lots during the day and at night too. Thankfully he sleeps when I do, so there is hope that he may sleep when he finally gets here. Tim and I are reading to him nightly, and there are occasions in which you can see him move. The other night Tim was reading Goodnight Moon, and we saw a limb protrude from my stomach.. we figure he is just exploring his ever expanding house!

Heading to the doctors soon for my glucose tolerance test. I hear the orange drink is nasty, but regardless I will be drinking it. Furthermore at this appointment I will be discussing a’birth plan.’ Hmm… my plan will be to get him out as quickly and as painless as possible. All kidding aside I am somewhat nervous as to just sort of plan this is going to be. I know there are legal issues and papers I need to sign, but of course I am sure that is not all. I wonder if I would be to pushy to volunteer for a c-section. Yes, I know many think I am nuts, but I am just not all into the ‘lets push for 90 hours cause I don’t want a scar.’ Never been that vain, so whatever is best for him is fine for me. Scar or not, I just want a healthy baby, not a wrinkled raisin who is covered in a rash because I was being selfish. Never was that much into my looks and never will be.

Other than that, all is quiet here. Spending more time at home with my legs up. Everyday is a challenge–some are fabulous and some are not. At this point I am taking the good ones when I can get them. The backpain has subsided a little, but thanks to my good friend Becky I will be heading for a massage soon. Beginning to feel lots of pressure, but am told that is to be expected. Who knows what the future holds, but I am trying to remain optimistic until the end. We’ll see if I can.

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