Almost There!!! (by Sue)

Well 66 days to go and I can hardly stand it. G is moving lots and often needs to be reminded that late nights are for sleeping and not gymnastics. No, all kidding aside I am fortunate enough that he often sleeps when I sleep. I am hoping that this continues once he gets here, but I am not being too naive. Getting ready for vacation and realize that by the time the next one rolls around I will be that much closer to being a parent. Hmm sometimes I actually stand in the shower in the a.m. and forget the fact that I am pregnant–yes, often without the contacts in I cannot see just how round I am! Seriously, it is strange. In some ways I feel as though I am going to wake up from this dream and resume my old lifestyle. I’m sure in some regards this is denial and normal, but even at 7months? It is odd though. One minute I can be totally into it–imagining what he looks like, picking out clothes for him, putting toys together and then the next cannot fathom that in weeks my life is going to change. I saw an advertisement the other day for a movie sequel opening in July–the first thing I thought was not who was I going to see the movie with (and whether dinner would be before or after), but rather who am I going to get to babysit. I sit in G’s room everyday to dry my hair and get dressed, yet still cannot see myself in there with a little baby. Maybe I am just panicking because it is getting close. I received my pre-registration info last weekend and was scared to death after reading it–is it really necessary to document my last wishes? Yes, I am sure it is just precautionary, but makes you realize just how seriousness of this. After reading about the pain management I told Tim that I am not going to have the baby–G likes his current surroundings, who am I to change that ? Carrying this baby forever doesn’t seem too realistic either, but hey who puts those informational packets together? In every piece of literature pregnant women’s sensitivity is highlighted, yet these people seem to prey on that…. oh well I am ranting, but who else can I rant to? Should I call the hospital directly? No, I will hold my tongue. At this point they will be hearing enough from me once I finally get myself there.

Well onto other topics. Still feeling good–tired, but that has been a regular part of my day now. I am now able to stay up later than before– it is nice seeing 10:00 click on the old alarm clock! Appetite has returned but trying to not eat too much junk.. ate a little too much chocolate yesterday (ironic where I hated it before), but one day seems okay. I told Tim that with all the diet coke and candy this monster is going to come out addicted to caffeine and sugar–his poor little body is going to go through some serious withdrawl once he moves out of his current digs.

Well it was nice seeing 10:00, but it is time for me to hit the sheets. Will write again soon.

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