Two Months and Counting!!! (by Sue)

Well if it isn’t evident from the title of this post, the countdown has begun! Yes, two months from today baby G is supposed to make his appearance into this world. I say the word supposed to, because I have heard from many that it is not uncommon to go early or late. Regardless of whether he arrives early or tardy, we are ready! During this last school vacation of mine I was able to get much done. At this point all the baby clothes and sheets have been washed and put away. The crib is made and the pack n’play is set up. The blankies have found their ways to their rightful places, and the Acquarium Swing is in place. At this point I have to figure out what to bring him home in and what to throw in a bag for myself. I have two outfits picked out for the baby, but all will depend on the weather. Tim laughs and tells me that I can wait and that I do not need to make any decisions right away, but that isn’t me. Instead I want it all done. Somedays are great, and others I am lucky that I can stand up. Unfortunately today was one of the not-so great days.

Enough about that. Been busy reading as much literature as I can–believe that there is no such thing as being over informed. In addition to that Tim and I have set up an appointment to meet with the pediatrician–that of course will be after our parenting classes so I shouldn’t look like a complete goof ball. All in all everything is settling into place. Tim and I are both becoming better adjusted to the whole parenting idea… I think we were in shock/denial for quite a bit of time. We both thought we were ready, but really weren’t. Anyways, as items have been put in their places we both confessed that we now feel ready. We admit that we are scared, but with anything new that is expected. We both know we are going to make mistakes, but again with anything new that is expected too. I think in all honesty everything is becoming a reality. I am going for a doctor’s appt on Friday and after that will be going every two weeks–if that isn’t a reality check, I am not too sure what is! All in all while I know it is not over yet, it is amazing to see just how the time has flown by. Compared to some others who are pregnant, I have had a good ride. Sickness was hell at first, but with time subsided. Fortunately up to this point I have no swelling, and the cravings not bad. At this point the most exotic one has been for strawberry ice cream, dacquiris, and of course for popsicles. All except the dacquiri have been enjoyed. My appetite is huge and am a little concerned at the quantity in which I am eating, but truthfully I have given up. It is not worth stepping on the scale as the number only baffles me and frustrates me. I have been good thus far and what is going to happen is going to happen. I certainly haven’t put on tons of weight, but probably more than what I wanted. Regardless that will be the motivation to get out and move during the spring and summer. It may take me a while, but I am hoping to return to my old self by christmas–less would be good too!

Well back to school tomorrow–sad, but with 34 days to go I think I can handle it!

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