Still Here and Waiting…. (by Sue)

Well according to the blog counter I have 35 days left. In some ways that seems both bearable and unbearable. At this poing in time I am huge, but feel almost like a beached animal. It is harder now to get up from the couch and chair, and my independence is turning into more dependence–something that I hate. I am tired of my maternity clothes and am counting the days in which I can burn them! My ankles are starting to swell which everyone tells me is normal, but why? I mean I know why, but hasn’t this child caused me enough discomfort. At this point I am having regular Braxton Hicks contractions and wonder just when is this little tyke going to arrive. At times the pressure is unbearable and I secretly wonder whether I will be able to do this whole child birth thing…

But besides all those things, Tim and I are still having fun. Tim put the downstairs changing table together and we went to Babies R Us last weekend to pick up some essentials. At this point every time we step into the nursery we both become eager and impatient. We have spent almost nine months preparing for this little tyke’s arrival, and we both want to meet him now. I think the suspense is worse now given the fact that everything is done. We both lie awake at night and wonder just who he will look like..will Tim get his wish of a redhead? Will he have my temper but Tim’s overall disposition?

Taking a tour of the hospital nursery this weekend and meeting with our pediatrician next week. This time next week we will literally have nothing else to do but to wait….. waiting is not something I am good at, so I’ll have to keep you all posted!

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