No baby yet

Susan and I are eagerly awaiting the boy’s arrival. Anytime now, son. As told by the ticker above, Susan’s due date is days away. With every little cramp, every uncomfortable fetal movement, we wonder, “Is this it?” Then she gets up and walks around, or rolls over, or something, and we realize that we are just filling ourselves with false hope.

Everyone tells us that first babies are late. That’s not always true. I was late by nine days, but Susan came a day early. Several of our pregnant friends (who have had girls and boys) went early. Either Susan’s doctor is a good estimator of due dates, or our kid will be just like me: late to everything.

We talked it over with the doctor and we don’t believe Susan will go much beyond her due date. That could mean that by this time next week we could have a baby. That still scares the hell out of me. Even though the house is looks like Babies R Us threw up all over the place, it still doesn’t seem real. In fact, I joked with Susan that if someone came into the house, knowing we don’t have kids, but not knowing she’s pregnant, and saw all this stuff, they might think we were a little crazy.

In the meantime, we are just waiting. And waiting. There’s nothing left to do to prepare for his arrival. All of the essential and a lot of non-essential stuff is done. It’s all been done for months and months. Susan practically had a floor plan of the nursery done in her head the day after the test results came back pregnant anyway.

The good news is that she has dropped, and is now carrying very low. We can only hope.

Once the baby comes, we have a ton of people to notify by phone, e-mail, maybe even sky-writing. OK, just kidding on that last part. Our parents have also taken on the duty of calling people in our families. For those who don’t get a phone call or e-mail, please understand it is an oversight and not a slight. I also hope to post the news here with the vital statistics as soon after G is born as possible, so keep checking here.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us over these past nine months in any way. We are extremely grateful. Your well wishes throughout, and in the past few days, mean a lot to us, and we realize more than ever how much we are loved by so many people.

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