Walgreen’s sold us expired formula

Sue and I are managing our first small health crisis with G. His spitting up has turned into vomiting, and what we thought was our unskilled technique in feeding him is more likely reflux because the Enfamil Lipil formula we’ve had him on since birth doesn’t agree with him.

With the pediatrician’s advice this morning, we changed to Enfamil ProSobee, a soy-based formula, which was purchased at a local Walgreen’s Pharmacy. When G didn’t hold that down either, Sue called the pediatrician again. She also, on the recommendation of her mother, checked the formula’s expiration date (something that didn’t occur to either of us at first), and the formula expired in January.

Off to the pediatrician they went, all while I was at work. All’s well with the baby for now. We have formula that isn’t expired and will be trying him on that while monitoring him eating habits and such. If he doesn’t improve, we will have to fill a script for baby Zantac to help him with his reflux.

We’ve also started making the rounds of alerting the appropriate people that the expired formula was sold. Sue went to the Walgreen’s in question and spoke to the manager who offered her a refund. Yet more cans of the expired formula were still on the shelves at 6 p.m., nearly eight hours after we bought ours. I am also going to contact Walgreen’s corporate and Enfamil to let them know that the expired formula was sold.

I won’t, however, launch into inspired hyperbole about how I’m going to contact my lawyer and take them for all they are worth, but we aren’t ruling out any of our options either.

This has been the biggest parenting lesson we’ve learned to date. We were proud of ourselves when we figured out little things like changing his diaper after he ate because he is way more calm on a full stomach than an empty one. This is way more important than that! I’m just glad Susan was alert enough to call the doctor rather than think this was typical baby behavior, as I did.

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