Life has changed…. (by Sue)

Well life has certainly changed since the last time I posted to the blog. Since then, I have had the baby and life as I know it will always be different. My previous worries and priorities don’t seem so worrisome or important anymore. These days I worry about whether my son has had enough wet diapers, whether he is eating enough, warm enough and overall just happy. I am somewhat surprised to be honest as I never anticipated I would feel like this. These days the only thing that I seem to worry about is him…. I don’t care whether I have showered, my clothes are ironed and my car is nice and clean.. my life truly has changed. During my entire pregnancy several people told me that life would never be the same, and I didn’t believe them. Although only two weeks old, it is true that my son has changed my life forever. It is weird to think of myself as someone’s mother, but something that I am getting use to. I am now someone else’s advocate–someone who is responsible for someone else. And although it can feel like a lot at times and very overwhelming, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Although the pregnancy was long and frustrating at times, when I look at that little face nothing seems to matter. He was totally worth it and everything else–I’m not rushing to do it again soon, but I will have another one. Yes, me who said one and done is now realizing that my son will need a sibling someday. For the meantime I am content with just him and adjusting to our new life.

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