The first Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was great for me, but I’m not the mother. We relaxed and just had a quiet day. I stayed up late with G so Susan could sleep most of Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Later in the day, we took G to visit both of his grandmothers. My mom was handing out meds to the residents in the nursing home where she works. I went in to see her and have to her come out to the car to see G and Susan. Before she came out, she stopped in one resident’s room to give her some graham crackers and milk. The woman was apparently named Stella. My mom tried to get her attention by calling the woman’s name.


No answer. Apparently the woman, who rolled along in her wheelchair unaware my mother was calling her, is hard of hearing.

“Stella!” my mother said louder. “Stella! Stella!”

I had to stand back and laugh. My mother seemed to be doing a very bad Marlon Brando in “Streetcar Named Desire” without even knowing it. I’ve never seen the movie, but now I think I will add it to my Blockbuster queue to get the full enjoyment of that moment with my mother.

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