Out of the woods

Blogging live across the wireless network at Children’s on a laptop borrowed from my father-in-law, Bob.

Life is a bit better for G now that he is about 17 hours of surgery. He appears to be feeling better, and his eating situation is much better. He is holding down food, which the pyloric stenosis was preventing. That’s the good news. The bad news, if it can be considered bad, is that he will not be home tonight. He will be home on Tuesday, assuming he is able to. The doctor said they would like to see him stay for a bit more observation. That means another night of Susan and I sleeping in-room with him. So far, that has meant one gets the chair that folds flat into a padded cot, and the other gets to sleep in a wooden rocking chair we have padded with pillows to make it a bit more comfortable. We have been trading off there, which is good, but the only getting any real sleep is the baby — which is all that really matters to us.

In all, I think I’ve spent about five hours outside G’s hospital room since Saturday. It’s really kind of weird because the rest of the world is going on around us, and yet the only news we care about is whether our boy is going to be better. For now, he will, and that makes us happy.

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who has prayed for G. They certainly helped for a problem-free and quick surgery. His recovery is going very well. Also, it has really lifted our spirits to know that everyone outside has been pulling for us. The worst is behind us, and it helped us get through it to know so many were concerned for G and us. We are very blessed.

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