Surgery did the trick

G is doing much better since his surgery. Not only recovering, but eating as well. It’s interesting to see now what he was supposed to be like. He is always much happier now than he was before. He doesn’t appear to be as uncomfortable, and he is showing off more of his cute qualities (though Susan and I are thoroughly biased).

The only drawback is the diaper contents. If it wouldn’t be painful to him the way it was before, I would gladly take his pre-surgery production than what he has now. Of all the advice and cautions fellow parents gave us, no one mentioned the smell. Or, at least we didn’t hear it or didn’t want to believe it.

Other than that, life is much better these days for us and G. Again, thanks to everyone who prayed, sent well-wishes, cards and flowers. All are in our house now as a constant reminder of how much we are blessed.

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