The first father’s day

Well, I survived my first father’s day. It actually started on Saturday night when Susan gave me my gift. It was a 10-minute slide show set to music in PowerPoint. I wish I could post it here for download, but it’s 16 megs, which is way too big. I’m trying to think of another way for people to see it. It really is a great keepsake, like a playable photo album. And she did a great job picking out the music.

Father’s Day itself wasn’t a day to relax and kick back. Instead I spent the day in the yard, and the 95-degree heat, trimming hedges, setting the sprinklers in the back yard and spreading mulch. It should be noted that I did it by choice.

I had seven yards of loam and three yards of mulch delivered on Memorial Day weekend and replanted the front lawn with the help of my father-in-law. Then rain and our little weekend getaway to Children’s Hospital pretty much kept me from finishing the job. So father’s day weekend was my first chance to get it done. I still have a little bit of mulch left, but I’ll find room for it. What’s more, the yard looks great, especially in the back. It is the best the yard has looked, I think, ever. That’s because all of the bushes and other plants we’ve put in are starting to mature and grow nicely. The garden along the back looks more filled in now.

It wasn’t until dinner time that I actually got to spend some time with G. Again, that’s because I chose to be in the yard. Don’t want it to sound like I’m complaining. It’s a good thing that I waited, because he was apparently very fussy all day. I got to hang out with him while he was in a good mood instead. After dinner with Sue’s folks, we came home and did some of the usual Sunday night routine, and I fed G at 11:30 after he woke for a diaper change.

This was a bit of a change in his schedule. He usually would take his last bottle around 8 p.m. and eventually fall asleep around 10 or 11 and sleep until 3 or 4 a.m. He slept through his 8 o’clock bottle and we let him. He was out cold. I bet with Susan after such a late feeding that he would sleep last night until at least 6 a.m. and he did. He didn’t wake for a bottle until 6:15! I guess we could count that as sleeping through the night, right? Though she’s still asleep now, it was nice for her to get a stretch of six hours straight. I know I’m grateful for it, and that was the best gift G could have given me.

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