It certainly been a while….. (by Sue)

Gee where do I begin? I have taken over the posting given the fact that Tim has lost of other things going on. Anyways, I will try to post regularly as many people visit the site to check on our little munchkin. Hmmm the word little is a term of endearment now rather than a reference to G’s size. He is a whopping 7 months old today, and time is certainly flying by. At this point he is able to sit up alone and is eating food… well given that it is applesauce, pears and everything else Gerber has at step one! He is talking quite a bit these days, and Tim is convinced that he is saying ‘da da.’ Regardless, the frequency and duration has increased so he is certainly growing up. Christmas is approaching and we are both eager to see just how he does with all the excitement. He is certainly going to love all that wrapping paper! I cannot wait to take him to see all the house lights and of course the lighting of the tree. We both eagerly await the next few months… I am looking forward to my sprout walking, while Tim tells me that I will regret those words..we’ll see. Well have been busy posting some recent pics of the kiddo, so check them out. More will be following soon.

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