January 2007 (by Sue)

The New Year is underway, and G is getting big! He is now 8 months old and time is just flying by. He still has no teeth, but that is all that I am wishing for my birthday this year. The holidays were great, but too fast. Of course our little munchkin really didn’t understand anything, but did like watching paper being ripped apart. Both Tim and I cannot wait for next year when he will be a little older and more awake. Regardless many were generous and he just loves everything that he received. Toys are big now and he seems to love putting them and anything else he can get his hands on into his mouth. He recently discovered the dog and loves patting him and of course pulling on his ears… thankfully the dog is so low key that he doesn’t mind the treatment. I am hoping to upload some new pics taken of G over the last few weeks so all can see just how big he truly is getting.
Happy New Year to all…

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