February 2007 (by Sue)

Well G is getting huge! We went to the pediatrician’s late last week and the boy is now 19 pounds and 30 inches long. Yes, our little man is growing up so fast. Even though he is 9 months now, he is already wearing 12-18 month clothes. In addition to physically growing he is becoming interested in more and more food. He now not only enjoys bottles and baby food, but now enjoys jello, chocolate pudding, apple/pear juice and really mushy cereal. Still no teeth at this point, but his dad got them late so no concerns yet. The munchkin is already trying to stand too and I am secretly hoping that he will be mobile soon. Yes, I am told that I will regret those words, but it would make life a litte easier and probably a lot more hectic! We have posted some new pics so check them out. Will post again soon….

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