First Haircut

first haircut, originally uploaded by timlav.

OK, so life has been pretty mundane since the last post, and I will admit that this particular blogging endeavor hasn’t been as robust as I had hoped when I started it. Perhaps I’m in need of a wider focus, but that is something for another post.

Yesterday, G went for his first haircut. Of course, it was a two-parent event, and I brought along the camera. As you can see, G wasn’t too happy about the experience. That was to be expected.

I was really impressed with the place and the stylist. It was all about kids, and even had a TV facing each seat so G could watch his beloved Wiggles.

I learned two things in this experience: A well-trained stylist can be both quick and accurate with a sharp pair of shears; and I should always make sure my camera battery is charged.

I was just taking a few setup shots to nail the exposure and the battery died. The best of the lot is this one. I’m happy with it, but wanted more. Oh well.

The haircut was over in minutes and he looked 100 percent better. He now looks like a little boy. Check the Flickr page for more photos in the coming days.

One thought on “First Haircut

  1. I know he is mad but he is just too cute. Don’t you wish that they had a cool place like that when you were a kid to get your haircut? All I got was the local Irish barber who could only provide me with a whiffle cut.


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