Stuff me in one of these when I go

I’ve had a unique perspective about my own death ever since I took a death and dying course in high school. It’s not a morbid obsession or anything, it’s just always good to have a plan. I’ve always said I don’t want person crying. (C’mon, like more than one would show up anyway! The funeral home would probably have to hire professional mourners.).

Nah, I want people to laugh at me, and about me. I want someone to sing “Amazing Grace” because of the line, “…saved a wretch like me,” and I want people to know that’s why I chose this song. I also want the after party to have a kickin’ DJ and an open bar. Seriously.

I hadn’t put much thought into a casket, though. I figured I’d get the standard silk-lined number made out of some kind of nice hardwood that cost more than any single piece of furniture I ever owned. It probably still will (although, the thought of buying my casket at Costco has crossed my mind).

This is even better, though. What’s better than a casket with a Red Sox logo inside?

Enjoy the video, and if someone wants to put in an order for me, please go ahead. But if you have any wishes for me to be in it soon, well… Don’t count your chickens!

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