Brads Deals is The Real Deal for Coupons and Discounts

I’m a bargain hunter. I enjoy getting a discount, and I like to tell my friends about ways to save money, especially with online coupons and discount codes. But most of the time I find that coupon and discount sites are nothing more than a ruse to get you to fork over all kinds of personal data before you can get access to the a small number of the same, tired discounts. Most of them I won’t ever use.
Discount codes and printable coupons - no signup necessary

Yesterday, I came across, a website built by a real person named Brad whose primary purpose is to scour the Internet looking for deals on everything from shoes, to computers, to furniture, to nifty kitchen gadgets. Immediately the site looked different. It was well-designed and easy to navigate visually. I started to put it through its paces to see what the catch was. Was I going to get away with putting in a name and e-mail only? Would I have to give over my full address? Would I have to answer questionnaires or fill out surveys? What?


That’s right, nothing. I clicked on several of the discount entries waiting to hit a limit and be forced to fork over my info. I couldn’t find any. Every link I clicked opened a new tab and took me directly to the site that offered the discounted product, coupon, or code.

I even tested out the navigation bar at the top thinking it would take me to a few national retailers or some regional ones that were nowhere near whear I lived. I was wrong again, but I was determined to find a catch. I clicked on the links for Macy’s and Old Navy. These are two stores we shop at a lot, especially for our two kids. Macy’s runs a lot of good sales and we buy sizes for next year from the discounted season. Old Navy, a GAP company, always has a good selection of trendy clothes for the kids.

That’s when I hit the Facebook Like button, and I don’t do that very often. (I then waited to have my stream filled with junk, but that didn’t happen either.)

I spent more time on the site just hunting around. I learned that Brad has been searching the Internet and sharing deals for 10 years. He has been featured on national programs like TODAY and Oprah. He publishes his e-mail address on the site and encourages people to contact him. The page also updates its blog regularly with helpful news.

The last thing I discovered in the page footer were links for both teacher and military discounts. I wish those were more visible. I might have missed them if I weren’t really hunting to see what this site was all about. I’m always looking for deals for my classroom, and I know many people around me who are active military or National Guard. If I shared the site with anyone for those reasons, I would have to direct them all the way to the bottom of the page. But that’s not a complaint by any means. At least I don’t have to click through eight pages to get to it. I don’t have annoying pop-ups from affiliates trying to get me to answer if I think a certain pop starlet should go to jail.

Brads Deals is just straight deals, and I will stop there regularly, but especially before planned purchases.


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