“So, what do you write on that blog of yours, anyway? Do you tell everyone when you take a dump?”

Those are the two questions I’ve been asked most by anyone who doesn’t take the time to understand what a blog is, and why anyone would create and maintain one.

“Oh, wait, it’s an online journal. A diary.”


Everyone writes a blog for their own reasons. Some write because they think they can. Some write because they want to further a particular topic. Some do it for business. Some do it for work. I do it because I like to. It’s a hobby. That’s that. It’s the same for me as working out is to others, because I’ll only run if I’m being chased.

This blog is about me. I’m not an attention whore – okay, maybe a little bit. Mostly, though, you’ll find my writing to be about topics and not events. If you feel passionately about something I write, please leave a comment. If you want to promote it, please do so with a link. I also like being put into other people’s blogrolls.

Finally, a note about the name. Clever, isn’t it? Well, I can’t claim credit for it. It comes from a former colleague of my newsroom days named Peter Hartzel. Peter died suddenly in 2007, and left a big whole in the writing world. He was amazingly smart and witty, and his ability to string together words was one I admired and envied. He was a good friend, a bit of a crazy driver, and a mentee who taught me a lot.

He gave me the idea one day as a name for a column in a rather joking way, saying I could “write about the highest of peaks and the lowest of Lavallees.” Well, I turned his friendly teasing on its head and actually named my newspaper column just that. The column however, never appeared with any regularity, even when I rose to the level of editor and had the sole authority to publish it. I missed writing under that column name, though, and now I’ve named my blog after Peter’s brilliant idea.

So long, Pete. Thanks for everything!

One thought on “About

  1. Hi, I’m Peter’s sister. Every now and then I google his name. Maybe out of a need to feel connected to him still. As this January 24th marks the 5 year since his passing, I happen to be thinking more of him and came across this.
    Thank you for the kind, meaningful words about Pete.
    My family misses him immensely & sadly the sites I’ve found about him are mostly of the gun shop owner and the support behind him and angry people that his gun shop is closed. It is with gratitude to you that I find such admiration that someone who knew him took the time to express his talents. My brother was an amazing person, and stricken with an illness just as debilitating as any other serious disease. Again, thank you…very much. I needed to see this. Joanie Hartzel


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