Still Here and Waiting…. (by Sue)

Well according to the blog counter I have 35 days left. In some ways that seems both bearable and unbearable. At this poing in time I am huge, but feel almost like a beached animal. It is harder now to get up from the couch and chair, and my independence is turning into more dependence–something that I hate. I am tired of my maternity clothes and am counting the days in which I can burn them! My ankles are starting to swell which everyone tells me is normal, but why? I mean I know why, but hasn’t this child caused me enough discomfort. At this point I am having regular Braxton Hicks contractions and wonder just when is this little tyke going to arrive. At times the pressure is unbearable and I secretly wonder whether I will be able to do this whole child birth thing…

But besides all those things, Tim and I are still having fun. Tim put the downstairs changing table together and we went to Babies R Us last weekend to pick up some essentials. At this point every time we step into the nursery we both become eager and impatient. We have spent almost nine months preparing for this little tyke’s arrival, and we both want to meet him now. I think the suspense is worse now given the fact that everything is done. We both lie awake at night and wonder just who he will look like..will Tim get his wish of a redhead? Will he have my temper but Tim’s overall disposition?

Taking a tour of the hospital nursery this weekend and meeting with our pediatrician next week. This time next week we will literally have nothing else to do but to wait….. waiting is not something I am good at, so I’ll have to keep you all posted!

The clock is ticking

By many accounts, Susan has dropped. That means the baby has lowered himself into her pelvis and is ready for his final descent. It’s scarier than ever. By what we have read and heard from the experts in our birthing class, the baby could now come any time in the next four weeks.

Almost everything is set up in the house. The nursery is done. All his clothes are washed. We even have the bassinet set up. The only thing left is for me to put together a changing table in the downstairs den. Guess what I will be doing this weekend.

As scary as it is, I’m really excited. I was holding a doll Tuesday night in class to practice holding and diapering a real baby, and it was really neat to think that maybe in less than a month I will be doing that full time. Then I also look at people with toddlers and think about how I can’t wait for those days, even the terrible twos.

Two Months and Counting!!! (by Sue)

Well if it isn’t evident from the title of this post, the countdown has begun! Yes, two months from today baby G is supposed to make his appearance into this world. I say the word supposed to, because I have heard from many that it is not uncommon to go early or late. Regardless of whether he arrives early or tardy, we are ready! During this last school vacation of mine I was able to get much done. At this point all the baby clothes and sheets have been washed and put away. The crib is made and the pack n’play is set up. The blankies have found their ways to their rightful places, and the Acquarium Swing is in place. At this point I have to figure out what to bring him home in and what to throw in a bag for myself. I have two outfits picked out for the baby, but all will depend on the weather. Tim laughs and tells me that I can wait and that I do not need to make any decisions right away, but that isn’t me. Instead I want it all done. Somedays are great, and others I am lucky that I can stand up. Unfortunately today was one of the not-so great days.

Enough about that. Been busy reading as much literature as I can–believe that there is no such thing as being over informed. In addition to that Tim and I have set up an appointment to meet with the pediatrician–that of course will be after our parenting classes so I shouldn’t look like a complete goof ball. All in all everything is settling into place. Tim and I are both becoming better adjusted to the whole parenting idea… I think we were in shock/denial for quite a bit of time. We both thought we were ready, but really weren’t. Anyways, as items have been put in their places we both confessed that we now feel ready. We admit that we are scared, but with anything new that is expected. We both know we are going to make mistakes, but again with anything new that is expected too. I think in all honesty everything is becoming a reality. I am going for a doctor’s appt on Friday and after that will be going every two weeks–if that isn’t a reality check, I am not too sure what is! All in all while I know it is not over yet, it is amazing to see just how the time has flown by. Compared to some others who are pregnant, I have had a good ride. Sickness was hell at first, but with time subsided. Fortunately up to this point I have no swelling, and the cravings not bad. At this point the most exotic one has been for strawberry ice cream, dacquiris, and of course for popsicles. All except the dacquiri have been enjoyed. My appetite is huge and am a little concerned at the quantity in which I am eating, but truthfully I have given up. It is not worth stepping on the scale as the number only baffles me and frustrates me. I have been good thus far and what is going to happen is going to happen. I certainly haven’t put on tons of weight, but probably more than what I wanted. Regardless that will be the motivation to get out and move during the spring and summer. It may take me a while, but I am hoping to return to my old self by christmas–less would be good too!

Well back to school tomorrow–sad, but with 34 days to go I think I can handle it!

Almost There!!! (by Sue)

Well 66 days to go and I can hardly stand it. G is moving lots and often needs to be reminded that late nights are for sleeping and not gymnastics. No, all kidding aside I am fortunate enough that he often sleeps when I sleep. I am hoping that this continues once he gets here, but I am not being too naive. Getting ready for vacation and realize that by the time the next one rolls around I will be that much closer to being a parent. Hmm sometimes I actually stand in the shower in the a.m. and forget the fact that I am pregnant–yes, often without the contacts in I cannot see just how round I am! Seriously, it is strange. In some ways I feel as though I am going to wake up from this dream and resume my old lifestyle. I’m sure in some regards this is denial and normal, but even at 7months? It is odd though. One minute I can be totally into it–imagining what he looks like, picking out clothes for him, putting toys together and then the next cannot fathom that in weeks my life is going to change. I saw an advertisement the other day for a movie sequel opening in July–the first thing I thought was not who was I going to see the movie with (and whether dinner would be before or after), but rather who am I going to get to babysit. I sit in G’s room everyday to dry my hair and get dressed, yet still cannot see myself in there with a little baby. Maybe I am just panicking because it is getting close. I received my pre-registration info last weekend and was scared to death after reading it–is it really necessary to document my last wishes? Yes, I am sure it is just precautionary, but makes you realize just how seriousness of this. After reading about the pain management I told Tim that I am not going to have the baby–G likes his current surroundings, who am I to change that ? Carrying this baby forever doesn’t seem too realistic either, but hey who puts those informational packets together? In every piece of literature pregnant women’s sensitivity is highlighted, yet these people seem to prey on that…. oh well I am ranting, but who else can I rant to? Should I call the hospital directly? No, I will hold my tongue. At this point they will be hearing enough from me once I finally get myself there.

Well onto other topics. Still feeling good–tired, but that has been a regular part of my day now. I am now able to stay up later than before– it is nice seeing 10:00 click on the old alarm clock! Appetite has returned but trying to not eat too much junk.. ate a little too much chocolate yesterday (ironic where I hated it before), but one day seems okay. I told Tim that with all the diet coke and candy this monster is going to come out addicted to caffeine and sugar–his poor little body is going to go through some serious withdrawl once he moves out of his current digs.

Well it was nice seeing 10:00, but it is time for me to hit the sheets. Will write again soon.

Time is Flying By… (by Sue)

Well 77 days to go and counting. Hard to believe that G’s arrival is that close. I actually remember when I had over 200 days to go… woohoo, it is almost over! Now don’t think that I am being selfish, but I am ready to return to a time when I don’t have cravings, can actually sleep through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom, and yes, fit into my own clothes. Regardless, it is hard to believe that life will be changing more so than it already has.

Still feeling well. Heartburn tough at night, but nothing a few Tums doesn’t take care of. G is moving lots during the day and at night too. Thankfully he sleeps when I do, so there is hope that he may sleep when he finally gets here. Tim and I are reading to him nightly, and there are occasions in which you can see him move. The other night Tim was reading Goodnight Moon, and we saw a limb protrude from my stomach.. we figure he is just exploring his ever expanding house!

Heading to the doctors soon for my glucose tolerance test. I hear the orange drink is nasty, but regardless I will be drinking it. Furthermore at this appointment I will be discussing a’birth plan.’ Hmm… my plan will be to get him out as quickly and as painless as possible. All kidding aside I am somewhat nervous as to just sort of plan this is going to be. I know there are legal issues and papers I need to sign, but of course I am sure that is not all. I wonder if I would be to pushy to volunteer for a c-section. Yes, I know many think I am nuts, but I am just not all into the ‘lets push for 90 hours cause I don’t want a scar.’ Never been that vain, so whatever is best for him is fine for me. Scar or not, I just want a healthy baby, not a wrinkled raisin who is covered in a rash because I was being selfish. Never was that much into my looks and never will be.

Other than that, all is quiet here. Spending more time at home with my legs up. Everyday is a challenge–some are fabulous and some are not. At this point I am taking the good ones when I can get them. The backpain has subsided a little, but thanks to my good friend Becky I will be heading for a massage soon. Beginning to feel lots of pressure, but am told that is to be expected. Who knows what the future holds, but I am trying to remain optimistic until the end. We’ll see if I can.

Just Checking In

Well it is almost the end of January and now I am counting the months left until our little bundle of joy arrives. Fetal movement is an everyday occurence, and the waiting time is just torturing me. We start our parenting classes in March and that in itself should be good for a few laughs. At this point the nursery is complete and we are now in the end stages of our preparation. During my vacation I need to have my infant seat installed and then set up the rest of the house…well Tim does. We bought a changing table for downstairs that needs assembling and then of course some furniture will need to be shifted in order to accommodate the pack n’play. Other than that, all is going well. I am still feeling great although I am exhausted. At this point I have just accepted the fact that I am not going to be getting enough sleep to ‘catch up’ for at least a few years. Heading to the doctors soon for more blood work to ensure that the tyke is okay. At this point I have been told that this is the time to sit back, eat and enjoy the remainder of the ride. Easier said than done. At this point I am eager to have everything completed. Tim laughs, but I won’t rest until it is done.

We made it rhrough the holidays (by Sue)

Well we made it through the holidays, and I am happy to report that all is well. I am feeling good, and am feeling the baby kick off and on during the day. Getting big (although people say I don’t look it, I feel as though I am small shed just waddling around) and am now being forced out of my clothes. Yes, you would think I had a stellar wardrobe (nope), but there is just something about not being able to wear the same clothes that is bothersome. Tim and my mom finally convinced me to buy some big sweaters and they are comfortable, but the only pants are my jammies. I just wish I could function in those the next few months.

Tim and I registered for our parenting/birth classes. Definitely not looking forward to those–like I need someone to point out the fact that I am clueless. The last thing I want to do is stand out. Those who know me know that I hate attention, and yet I don’t think I can get out of this one. My lack of knowledge and skill will be evident no matter what I do. I tease Tim that there is no better thing than trial by fire, yet he and the doc insist on the classes. Yes, he is more fired up about this than me–maybe he should be doing the delivering part!

Other than that, the nursery is slowly coming together. The furniture is there and stocked with clothes. The crib is assembled with a mattress already inside. The carriage and carrier are ready too courtesy of my sister, Michelle. Everyone has been great offering help. The room has definitely changed from the place that I use to email and complete my school work to someone else’s room. It certainly looks different and yet makes me wonder if I am really ready for all of this. No, I know there is no going back at this point, but I think I am more nervous about this than defending my Master’s portfolio.

Well I am off to the doctor next week for yet another check-up. Hope all have had a wonderful holiday