February 2007 (by Sue)

Well G is getting huge! We went to the pediatrician’s late last week and the boy is now 19 pounds and 30 inches long. Yes, our little man is growing up so fast. Even though he is 9 months now, he is already wearing 12-18 month clothes. In addition to physically growing he is becoming interested in more and more food. He now not only enjoys bottles and baby food, but now enjoys jello, chocolate pudding, apple/pear juice and really mushy cereal. Still no teeth at this point, but his dad got them late so no concerns yet. The munchkin is already trying to stand too and I am secretly hoping that he will be mobile soon. Yes, I am told that I will regret those words, but it would make life a litte easier and probably a lot more hectic! We have posted some new pics so check them out. Will post again soon….

January 2007 (by Sue)

The New Year is underway, and G is getting big! He is now 8 months old and time is just flying by. He still has no teeth, but that is all that I am wishing for my birthday this year. The holidays were great, but too fast. Of course our little munchkin really didn’t understand anything, but did like watching paper being ripped apart. Both Tim and I cannot wait for next year when he will be a little older and more awake. Regardless many were generous and he just loves everything that he received. Toys are big now and he seems to love putting them and anything else he can get his hands on into his mouth. He recently discovered the dog and loves patting him and of course pulling on his ears… thankfully the dog is so low key that he doesn’t mind the treatment. I am hoping to upload some new pics taken of G over the last few weeks so all can see just how big he truly is getting.
Happy New Year to all…

It certainly been a while….. (by Sue)

Gee where do I begin? I have taken over the posting given the fact that Tim has lost of other things going on. Anyways, I will try to post regularly as many people visit the site to check on our little munchkin. Hmmm the word little is a term of endearment now rather than a reference to G’s size. He is a whopping 7 months old today, and time is certainly flying by. At this point he is able to sit up alone and is eating food… well given that it is applesauce, pears and everything else Gerber has at step one! He is talking quite a bit these days, and Tim is convinced that he is saying ‘da da.’ Regardless, the frequency and duration has increased so he is certainly growing up. Christmas is approaching and we are both eager to see just how he does with all the excitement. He is certainly going to love all that wrapping paper! I cannot wait to take him to see all the house lights and of course the lighting of the tree. We both eagerly await the next few months… I am looking forward to my sprout walking, while Tim tells me that I will regret those words..we’ll see. Well have been busy posting some recent pics of the kiddo, so check them out. More will be following soon.

Time is flying! (by Sue)

It has almost been a month since the last post, and G is growing fast. Besides growing quite tall, my little munchkin is now able to sit up with support, hold up his head, turn his head to both sides when on his tummy, laugh, giggle, smile and best of all…. yes, he is starting to eat apple sauce and rice cereal. Everyday when I feed him I joke that before he knows it he will be sitting at the table like a big boy. Hard to believe that this little tyke is 4 months old.. the time has flown by. Like many said, he is definitely developing a personality and is fun to be with when his teeth don’t hurt. Yes, you read right— he is teething. While he is only in the beginning stages, I can actually feel the bump in his gums. This week we head for our second round of vaccines, lets hope the second are better than the first.

Three Months… (by Sue)

Well today is a special day for young G–today he is exactly three months old. Hard to believe in some aspects that three months ago today our lives changed forever. I also must admit that I almost don’t remember what it was like without him–well except I do remember this beautiful thing called sleep. I must admit that there are days when I wish for nothing else than to simply put my head down and sleep the day away–but that isn’t going to happen. Regardless, our little bundle of joy is growing and soon enough he will be a big boy and these will be the days we will always treasure. He already has great head control and is quite nosy–he enjoys observing his surroundings and it seems that often the thing that calms him down is a change of scenery. At this point he seems to be enjoying tummy time more and is napping more on his own when needed rather than me trying to get him to sleep. Mind you he still has his fussy days and at times it is a struggle, but everyday you see the smile or grin or hear any coo or mumble out of his mouth it makes it all worth while. So yes, while I may not be getting much sleep these days I wouldn’t want it any other way.