The Lady IS A Tramp

20120218-121156.jpgHaving kids means you’re going to have times when your sides split with laughter over an unintentional turn if phrase.

Last week, my mother-in-law sent us a few Disney DVDs. Among them was “Lady And The Tramp”, and it came in handy when our dog died last Saturday. We all watched it as a family to help with our grief. Simon, our dog, had been a tramp before we adopted him.

Today, G found a picture of Lady in a Disney alphabet book that A was looking through. He couldn’t remember her name, so I started quizzing him to see if he could. The conversation went something like this:

G: Dad! There’s the dog from that movie!

Me: Oh yeah! What’s her name?

G: I don’t know.

Me: What’s the letter on the page say?

G: L

Me: So her name begins with an L sound. Do you remember her name? It’s in the name of the movie.

G: No.

Me: What’s another name for a woman?


Me: Bwahahahahahahahaha! (Pause) the title was “Blank And The Tramp”.


It’s all about how quickly you recover.