Nap time and updated news

Boy do I love nap time! Not my own naps, of course. I don’t have nap time for myself, but G has two a day! He sleeps usually two hours in the morning and another hour or so in the late afternoon. This is fantastic for doing things around the house, such as, well, updating my blog.

Here’s some updated news, then:

My hiatus from this blog is over now that we have completed our transition from Boston to North Carolina. We are happily living in our new home, and enjoying our family time very much. I get to spend all day, every day with G while I’m on summer break, and for the first time since becoming a true adult, I get to see what it is like to have every day be like a Saturday. It’s quite fun, but it has its ups and downs.

For starters, I love spending time with G. We are having all kinds of fun playing with toys, learning to walk and talk, and discovering the world around us. But being a stay-at-home dad can be very isolating. I have to get better at getting out during the day. (Note to self: Must make lists of things to do away from home.)

In other news, Sue and I are getting settled in the new house. Most of the boxes are unpacked, and some of the pictures are hung. The garage is very nearly empty of the things we want in the house, but not enough that we can park both cars in it. Since we have no basement and very little attic space to speak of, we are going to be very frugal about our storage. Sue and I have had to do our own version of “Clean Sweep” with some things. Sue had to sort her stuffed animals into keep, toss, donate. I’ve had to do the same with my books.

The neighborhood we bought in is nice. The neighbors are friendly, and there’s a pool and park in walking distance from the house. We’re also close to our places of work, shopping, and G’s daycare, which he will start going to later this summer. It’s a far cry from our far flung commutes when we lived in Boston. I went from an 36-mile roundtrip to 6 miles. Sue went from 24 miles roundtrip to 10. The weather is nice, and we are adjusting to the heat fine. The house has central air and ceiling fans, so it stays cool day and night. The outside temps are hot, but not unbearable, like most people from up north think. It’s really not any worse than the summer heat in Massachusetts. It just tends to stick around for longer stretches.

That’s really all for now. I have to go do some real chores before the G-man wakes.