State investigates Walgreens

The state Department of Public Health is now investigating the expired formula Susan and I purchased from Walgreen’s last week because G got sick from it. We’re excited about DPH’s response because we have received lackluster responses from both Walgreen’s and MeadJohnson, the makers of Enfamil. In fact, Walgreen’s has yet to respond to an e-mail I sent them the day we bought it, save for the typical auto-generated response. In it’s response, MeadJohnson hid behind the fact that there’s an expiration date on the packaging. They did offer us some coupons, though.

I spoke with a very helpful and knowledgeable woman from DPH today about the situation. For the record, DPH responded to an e-mail, by phone, within an hour of receiving it, and the representative has been nothing short of excellent. I contacted them on Friday, and within hours, they sent out people from the local health department to clear out the expired formula from the Walgreen’s. It should be noted they did this on Friday night, about 36 hours after we first bought it, and at least 24 hours after Susan gave the manager an earful and showed him the expired formula on their shelves. Apparently Walgreen’s employees didn’t give a damn that they were selling expired products.

DPH will also notify the federal Food and Drug Administration because MeadJohnson isn’t a Massachusetts-based company, and the Indiana health department where MeadJohnson
is headquartered.

We’re so happy someone is taking this seriously, because there obviously isn’t a sense of corporate responsibility here. Most of all we’re happy G is feeling better. It took him about 48 hours to get better. Even now, it’s hard to know if he’s completely better. He seems so.

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