Not Much Longer….. (by Sue)

Well the end is in sight, and I must say that I am THRILLED. These last few are getting tougher and I am becoming impatient. While over all the pregnancy has been good, I am ready to move out the occupant and quickly post a no vacancy sign! I guess I am just becoming eager and want to move on. Everything is done and now we are just waiting. For those who know me personally, I am not good at waiting. I am a planner, I show up to everything early and always try to anticipate everything. Yet here I sit with no control. Every morning I wake up, I am disappointed. Why hasn’t anything happened yet? I am sure that when I am in labor and feeling the pains I will look back and wish for these days, but not now. Well the doctor says that I need to be patient, like everything labor will happen when my body is ready. Well the heck with that–isn’t there anything that I can do to speed the process up? I actually asked at my last appt. and I doctor thinks that I am crazy. She probably has heard the request 1000’s of times, but still probably is amazed that it is asked. Oh well, it was worth asking I suppose. So here I sit… waiting and sitting and napping and etc… you get the picture. I finish work Thursday and just am not sure what I am going to do with myself when school vacation ends and all go back to work but me. If the baby is not born yet, just what do I do? I feel guilty being out of work and doing things where I am not sick. And I am not someone who lounges around the house well–often being home sick drives me nuts… I get house fever within hours. Teaching has been such a large part of my life I am not sure what to do when it is over.

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