Time is flying! (by Sue)

It has almost been a month since the last post, and G is growing fast. Besides growing quite tall, my little munchkin is now able to sit up with support, hold up his head, turn his head to both sides when on his tummy, laugh, giggle, smile and best of all…. yes, he is starting to eat apple sauce and rice cereal. Everyday when I feed him I joke that before he knows it he will be sitting at the table like a big boy. Hard to believe that this little tyke is 4 months old.. the time has flown by. Like many said, he is definitely developing a personality and is fun to be with when his teeth don’t hurt. Yes, you read right— he is teething. While he is only in the beginning stages, I can actually feel the bump in his gums. This week we head for our second round of vaccines, lets hope the second are better than the first.

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